Print Of the Year Winners 2018 – 2019


Advanced Colour

1st – David Cowan
With: Preying Mantis

HC – John Cox
With: The need for speed
HC – Richard Scotto di Perta
With: Les Halles

Advanced Mono

1st – David Cowan
With:  Drilling Down
HC – David Cowan
With: Petrified Trees
HC – David Cowan
With: Sand Dunes

General Colour

1st – Charles Biggie
With: Dutch New Master

HC – Alex Brown
With: Triumph Bonneville

HC – Alex Brown
With: Tiffany

General Mono

1st – Martin Liepa
With: Window Vase

HC – Charles Biggie
With: Majestic Finns

HC – Martin Liepa
With: All about the eyes