Preparing Images for PDI competitions

Image Space

Please use the sRGB image space for your entries. It is possible to change to this in Photoshop and other image editors if this is not your camera’s default.

  1. Open the image file
  2. Select: Image > Resize > Image Size (in Elements) or Image > Image Size (in Photoshop CS) to display a dialog box
  3. Ensure that all the following boxes are checked: Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions and Resample Image
  4. Ensure that Resample Image is set to Bicubic
  5. If the image has not been previously resized then the Resolution shown in the Document Size box will probably be 72 pixels/inch (standard for most cameras), but even if it isn’t, there is no need to adjust the resolution
  6. For Portrait format, change the Height only to 1050 pixels
  7. For Landscape format, change the Width to 1400 pixels. If the resultant Height is greater than 1050 pixels, change it back to 1050
  8. Click OK to resize the image

Adding a Simple Border (Optional)

  1. First a word of warning: do NOT use either heavy or very bright colours for your border (judges tend to take a serious dislike to this practice and to be honest it really does nothing for the image)
  2. This is by far the easiest method (there are others), as it ensures that the final image size selected in the procedure above, will be retained
  3. With your resized image open in Elements or Photoshop CS, hold down Ctrl (cmd if using a Mac) and press “A”, which will select the whole image (i.e. sets a marching ants line around the outside of the image) or go to Select > All in top menu bar
  4. Go to Edit > Stroke (Outline) Selection in top menu bar which will open a dialogue box
  5. In Stroke box set Width to your preferred border size (e.g. 2.5 pixels) and set border colour by clicking on Color; either selecting from colour pallet that opens or use the colour picker to click on a complementary colour within your image (hint: stick to pastel shades!)
  6. Check the circle next to Inside within Location box
  7. Set Blending Mode to Normal and Opacity to 100%
  8. Leave Transparency box unchecked
  9. Click OK


  1. Select: File > Save As, to display a dialog box
  2. Browse to find an appropriate folder for the Save In box
  3. In the File Name box enter the Title and Author with an underscore between the title and the author’s name
  5. In the Format box select JPEG
  6. Select: Save to display a dialog box
  7. Choose Image Quality of 10 or more
  8. Click OK to save the image
  9. Finally check to make sure that the title of the saved image is in the format: Chocolate Box_Art Felt


Entries should be submitted electronically and must, unless otherwise stated, reach the competition organiser no later than 12pm on the SATURDAY preceding the competition date. 

If difficulties are encountered, please contact the IT secretary for advice.