PDI Of The Year Winners 2018 – 2019

Advanced Colour

1st – John Cox
With: Eagle Owl

HC – Dick Thorne
With: Thames Tributary
HC – Albert Braithwaite
With: Collonade


Advanced Mono

1st – Albert Braithwaite
With: Ceiling Pattern 2

HC – David Cowan
With: Sand Dunes

HC – R Scotto di Perta
With: Roof of Les Halles

General Colour

1st – Tanya Barett
With: Red Panda

HC – Alex Brown
With: Caught

HC – Alex Brown
With: A Pilgrim’s progress

General Mono

1st – Martin Liepa
With: Ice

HC – Stephen Hall
With: View of Tower bridge

HC – Tanya Barrett
With: Exploring the Hive