GDPR & data policies

Chesham Photographic club collects contact information from members, exhibition entrants and people associated with the club and its running.

This data will be kept secure as specified in General Data Protection Regulations 2018. The data held will not be shared with any third parties, for any reason, other than legal obligation.

The only people with access to the data held will be members of the committee

The personal information referred to in this policy concerns members’ and past members’ Names, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address and photographic qualifications.

Members may be requested to provide further information if it is necessary for the effective management of the club and will include records of entries to competitions and exhibitions.

Club members data will be held whilst membership and permission is maintained.

Past members  data will be kept for a maximum of three years from leaving the club as may be required for insurance purposes.

After this period any data held will be securely deleted (GDPR2018).

Any person to whom we are holding data has the right to view the data at any time by request and also has the right to withdraw permission for Chesham Photographic Club to hold your data.

Any person wishing to verify the information held by the Chesham Photographic Club may apply to the Secretary by letter setting out the detail they wish to verify.

Upon request all your data will be securely deleted from the records (GDPR2018).

In addition the club may hold copies of members’ images for use in competitions and in programmes, catalogues and other publications recording or promoting the activities of the club.

These images will be deleted once their eligibility for use in exterior competitions has expired (2 years) On occasions the club may hold images, for a temporary period, owned by persons who are members of other photographic societies or clubs for the purpose of competition.

Names and addresses of lecturers and judges whose names are not included in the CACC handbook are retained for reference.

The club is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Chiltern Association of Camera Clubs (CACC) and it is inevitable that some of the information will be shared with the CACC and/or the PAGB. Security of this data is the responsibility of the respective organisations.

The information may be used in the publication of catalogues, results, awards and programmes or other publicity material related Chesham Photographic Club’s aims, objectives and activities.

The Chesham Photographic Club may retain historical archives mainly, but not entirely, limited to records of meetings, handbooks, catalogues, awards and other event results.

Information is held by members of the CPC Committee- each of the officers having details relating to their particular duties.

This Policy is approved by members of the managing committee as follows:- That on no occasion will the information, or any part of it, be passed or sold to anyone or any other organisation for whatever purpose without the express written permission of all individuals concerned

That the club communicates with its members in accordance with each member’s wishes

The membership application form will enable applicants to opt in or out of communications by e-mail, by letter, by telephone, by text or to receive Club e-news.

DC V1.0 July 2019