Submitting Images for PDI competitions

 All entries must reach the competition organiser no later than 6pm on the Sunday preceding the competition date. The deadline for entries is at the discretion of the competition organiser who may allow a later deadline if circumstances permit. This will be communicated either via an announcement at a previous meeting, or via email.

For the remainder of the 2019-20 season entries should be be submitted to as e-mail attachments. Please append the date of the competition, class of entry (General or Advanced) and either colour or mono to the subject line of the email. For peace of mind you may wish to request a ‘READ RECEIPT’ when emailing entries, to be sure they have been received.

Entries may also be submitted manually on CDs or memory sticks by arrangement with the competition organiser who will normally require the 6pm Sunday deadline to be met.

        • Some clubs use ” by ” to separate the image name from the entrant’s name but for the CPC and many other clubs the separator is  the “_” (underscore) character
  • Images must have the following naming convention: “Lovely Picture_Happy Snapper“, i.e. an underscore between the title and the author’s name. When you save the file after editing, your image editing software will automatically add the file type (.jpg) as part of the file name. Do not add .jpg as part of the title. If in doubt, please refer to the Preparing PDI Images page.
  • Please ensure the Height and Width figures of your files are no larger than 1050px and 1400px respectively.