Inter Club Competitions


CACC Rose Bowl Competition

Each year around 40 of the member clubs of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs take part in the annual Rose Bowl competition. This is a competition based entirely on PDIs and there is no set subject.

For each preliminary round there is a draw to divide the clubs into ten groups of four, resulting in ten fixtures. The system is designed to ensure that no two clubs will compete against each other more than once over the three rounds.

In each fixture before the Final there are 15 images from each club with no more than three from any one author. For the Final there are eight images per club with a maximum of two per author.

The three preliminary rounds take place between September and February each year. They are held at different host Clubs with 4 clubs competing against each other. The top 12 clubs then compete in the Finals in April at the CACC Annual Exhibition held in the Amersham Community Centre.

Images are marked out of 20, and points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in each round (5, 3, 2 and 1 points respectively). The clubs with the highest total points over the three rounds then take part in the final.

Two images are given stars in each of the preliminary rounds. These are only of any significance if there are more than 12 finalists, when the number of stars are used to reduce the number to 12. If there are still more than 12, the number of 20s, 19s, etc. are used.

Northwest Federation Competition

The Federation of North West London Photographic Societies, as it was originally known, was set up to provide competition between 16 NW London clubs from Hampstead to Harrow. Over time some dropped out and others joined and the centre of gravity moved in our direction resulting in a current membership of the 12 clubs below.

  • Amersham PS
  • Chesham PC
  • Ealing & Hampshire House PS
  • Field End PS
  • Harrow CC
  • Hemel Hempstead PS
  • Northolt & District PS
  • Park Street CC
  • Pinner CC
  • Watford CC
  • Wycombe PS
  • XRR PS

The annual competition commences with a preliminary round which starts with a draw to put the clubs into four groups of three (four in the old days when there were 16 member clubs). Each club within a group hosts a competition and the club gaining the greatest number of marks over the three competitions goes forward to the semi-finals, from which the finalists and ultimate winners emerge. Each club submits six prints and six PDIs for the first such competition and five prints and five PDIs for the second and third competitions.

Two prints & two digital images are starred in each of the preliminary rounds. These go forward to the NW Fed final, where there are competitions for the best starred print & the best starred digital image. If clubs have not received a starred print or a digital image they are invited to nominate one.

N.B. When selecting our prints and digital images for entry into the two competitions, we usually select from all the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed images in our internal competitions, plus the ones with similar scores.