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Join Us


We meet on Tuesday evenings at the White Hill Centre between 8 and 10 pm from early September through to the end of April. See our Meeting Schedule page for full details.


The only essential requirement for club membership is a pleasure in taking photographs. The Club caters for members of all abilities ranging upwards from raw beginners to those who over the years have climbed to significant heights on the learning curve. The curve is of course never ending and might better be described as a voyage of discovery. Neither is it a single path as members develop interests and expertise in different aspects of photography, say from landscapes to wildlife, macro work to architectural studies or still life to abstract studies.

It means that no two members could be said to be at the same level of experience which, combined with the relaxed interaction that exists between club members, provides a powerful catalyst for each individual’s progression in the hobby.

This informal cross fertilisation of knowledge and ideas complements the Tuesday evening programme of Competitions, Talks and Practical Evenings which are designed to be entertaining, instructional and hopefully inspirational. When there is sufficient demand, instructional sessions are organised on another evening to assist members, for example in preparing their work for competition or polishing up their digital processing skills, using a digital Work Station equipped with the help of a Lottery Grant. A small fee is charged for these ad hoc sessions to help cover the cost of hiring the room and for any materials used.

Eagle Owl by Tanya Barrett


If you are interested in joining Chesham Photographic Club, you are most welcome to come along to one or two meetings free of charge to see if you like us! The subscription fee is £50 and you may join at one of our evening meetings. Please contact the membership secretary or any committee member if you’d like to find out more about the club.